Update: New Businesses in Kenya are Successful

“It is joyous to begin to count the huge impact to our community through SIA program. I enjoy training, sharing my experiences, visiting and praying with the groups.” So begins the latest letter from Dennis Kiprop about SIA Small Business Fund in Kenya. It is so exciting to receive letters like this with confirmation of SIA’s impact and encouraging reports from the newly established small businesses. I’d like to share with you some of the highlights from the 3-Month Business Reports from these successful enterprises! Small businesses start with $100 grants from SIA and those that are continuing after 3 months in operation receive an additional $50 grant to expand. All 5 business groups can now provide better food for their families! Shalynn Milk Spot (dairy business) has earned over $300 in profit in 3 months! Leader Shadrack Kosge praises, “We have managed to meet our daily needs and sponsored one child to school!” Rhoda’s Tailoring Business (pictured above) profits have doubled in the last month. She is now training Lynnett (sitting at the sewing machine) in tailoring skills to help with the increased demand. Kapterik Youth Tree Nursery, which raises and sells tree seedlings reports increased demand for their seedlings and was able to reinvest by buying tubes, a hoe and watering can for a more efficient business. Dennis Kiprop enjoys training the new business leaders Five new businesses were started near Eldoret, Kenya since the beginning of the year! Each business is started by a team of three people. I invite you to keep these new business leaders in your prayers as they learn and grow into their new responsibilities and opportunities. Mrs. Grace Chepchumba Keter’s Road Side Kiosk – Selling soda, cakes, and fruits Beatrice Kiebet & group – Poultry raising Wilson, Rose, & Naomi Maiyo – Farming tomatoes, peas, & potatoes Loice Chumba & group – Farming various vegetables Jane Korir Mary & group – Selling baked bread, doughnuts, tea, & porridge Related Blog Posts: SIA Small Business Fund – Explained Planting Trees for a “Greener” Kenya SIA SBF Coordinator in the News Hope in Kenya #Kenya #SmallBusinessFund

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