Time for some trivia!

Did you know that yesterday was National Trivia Day?? *Nigeria’s massive traffic jams are apparently called “go-slows.” (source) *Malawi is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa, with 313 people per square mile in 2011. I was surprised to read this because most people live in rural areas and the capital city is moderately sized. The whole country is dotted with houses and villages! For comparison, there are about 239 people per sq mile in California. (source) A family compound in rural Malawi. *July is the coldest month in Nairobi, Kenya, with averages highs of 72F and lows of 52F. The equator passes through Kenya and so there are about 12 hours of daylight all year round. (That sounds so nice right now, when we’re averaging only 9 hours in Toronto!) (source) It was cold in Nairobi when we visited in July, 2014. I am wearing a down jacket and Wambui (Small Business Fund Coordinator) is bundled up! *English is one the official languages in Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, and Nigeria. It is the language of instruction for all grades in Uganda and Nigeria and for Grades 4+ in Malawi and Kenya. With so many languages and ethnic groups in each of these countries, English is often the unifying language. Children at Nellie’s pre-school in Malawi recite colors and ABC drills for us in English. *Africa contains 54 sovereign states. The smallest (by area) is the Republic of Seychelles at just 176 square miles. The largest is Algeria at  919,595 square miles. (source) *Rice is becoming a more popular crop in Uganda. (I only include this trivia tidbit because I wasn’t expecting Uganda to be as tropical and warm as it was. As we drove to the Small Business Fund Coordinator’s Conference, we passed miles and miles of rice fields.) (source) Rice drying in the Kasozi village meeting area in Uganda. In the background, pots are being fired. And finally… *Spirit in Action was founded 20 years ago, in 1996! Del Anderson was 90 years old (born 1906). #AfricaTrip2014

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