Spirit in Action Gratitude List

1. For each of our Small Business Fund Coordinators, who volunteer their time to implement the program in their community and help families start small businesses. 2. For prayer partners around the world who remember Spirit in Action, the USA, and me in their prayers. 3. For Del’s wisdom and vision for helping each person reach their God-given potential. 4. For volunteers who help with technology stuff. 5. For WhatsApp, which facilitates easy, quick communication, no matter where we are in the world! 6. For cameras on cell phones; for photos of small businesses owners in front of their shops. Women cooking together in Malawi. They are taking part of a Nutrition and Health workshop. 7. For grant partners who know their local context and can navigate challenges with their cultural knowledge and expertise. 8. For my sister who checks the SIA post office box regularly. 9. For a focus on relationships, in addition to 5-year plans. 10. For women who welcome orphans into their home, providing and caring for them. 11. For enthusiastic SIA Board members who are willing to learn and be engaged to make us a better organization. 12. For “God Calling…” written by Del and read at the beginning of each SIA Board meeting. 14. For the churches who include SIA in their mission/international outreach. 15. For community leaders who have plans for improving economic opportunity and increasing justice. 16. For Marsha and Dennis Johnson who have dedicated 20+ years to Spirit in Action in more ways than I can list here. 17. For this blog, which allows me to connect with our SIA network and highlight the amazing change taking place. Even though it’s blurry, I love the camaraderie and joy that is evident in this scene. A moment of downtime in the midst of visiting Small Business Fund groups in Uganda in 2014. 18. For trips to eastern Africa; for being able to shake the hands of grant partners and congratulate them on work well-done. 19. For Small Business Fund Coordinators who encourage and train each other. 20. For flexibility in our grant-giving, so that we can respond to local needs, priorities, and contexts. #Gratitude

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