Pre-school students celebrate Easter in Malawi

A year ago, the first preschool in Manyamula village was started with a Small Business Fund grant. Nellie, newly divorced, moved to Manyamula to start a new life. Nellie and two assistants – Deliwe and Tamara – each already had teaching skills and they were eager to help the 30 new students learn and grow. With the Small Business Fund grant they were able to purchase some books, crayons, mats, and cups for snack time. Thus was born the First Steps Pre-School. The pre-school has already grown to 50 students and has created a ripple of business activity in town. Mary Phiri, who owns one of the shops in the market, has enrolled her youngest daughter in the pre-school, allowing her to concentrate her efforts of building her grocery business. And Chimwemwe, another shop owner and knitter, received a commission from the school to knit sweater uniforms for some of the students. Children from the local SBF-supported school told us what they wanted to be when they grew up: a nurse; teacher; pilot. Recently the students, ages 1-4, put together an Easter pageant for the community called “Time to Come Together.” Nellie said that, “it has been my passion to organize such an auspicious occasion for the school so that children can share their experiences together and enjoy the love of God.” The children sang, recited Bible verses, and danced together. Several community members gave speeches to encourage the children and thank them for putting together this new kind of event in Manyamula. Nellie was extremely happy to have the students appreciated by the community and was quick to say, “It is beautiful for our children of different churches to come together. This will strengthen their social structures and spiritual growth!” Nellie, Canaan Gondwe, and Tanya with puzzles and toys from Tanya’s nieces. #women #SmallBusinessFund #Malawi #Education #Children

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