Planning and connecting

Over the weekend the Spirit in Action Board of Directors met in Washougal, Washington. We had one and a half days of planning, singing, praying, and approving new grants and a new Small Business Fund coordinator! One of the themes of the weekend was TRUST. Even when there was initial disagreement, we were each able to express our opinions and work towards consensus. Thank you to our dedicated Board of Directors! We approved $15,453 in Community Grants and $5,040 for 28 new business grants and training through the Small Business Fund. I’ll share more details in the coming weeks! It’s so exciting to be able to help dedicated community organizations. And it is wonderful to support the local solutions that are building the foundations for long-term change in Uganda, Kenya, and Malawi. Barbara Farley, SIA Board member and Bebe Anderson’s niece, brought some old photos of Del and Bebe from their trip to Japan in the 1960s. Our Inter-Connectedness “I believe that this beautiful Divine Plan for me is a perfect part of the larger Pattern for the good of all, not something separate unto me alone. I believe that it has ramifications and interweavings that reach out through all the persons I meet and all the events that come to me, and that the best way to put myself in harmony with the Divine plan that is within myself is to accept with radiant acquiescence all the individuals and events that are drawn to me, seeing in them perfect instruments for the perfect unfoldment of my perfect Plan.” — Glenn Clark, The Divine Plan #CocreatorswithGod #GlennClark #SIAOffice

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