New website and more COVID-19 emergency funding

Hello SIA Friends! I'm so excited to announce the unveiling of our new website! It has a whole new look and is designed to make it easy to see the impact of all our amazing grant partners. I welcome you to check it out and let me know if you find any glitches or suggestions. Thank you to the many volunteers who made this possible! COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund Thank you to those who have donated to our emergency response. There is still great need in all our partner communities. Uganda just extended the lockdown for another three weeks and public transportation is banned. In Kenya, people are required to wear masks, though they are expensive and difficult to find. Malawi is tracking its first cases, and in Burundi there are no tests available. People are struggling to survive. They have no savings and they usually rely on setting up shop in the market to buy food. The SIA Emergency Response Fund has given out $3,000 total to seven different grassroots groups. Over 500 people - children, women, grandparents, and LGBTI folks - have received basic necessities like soap and food. Caretakers Orphan Centre (pictured above) used the SIA grant to continue their lunch program for HIV+ children. If you want to contribute to this emergency fund, click here and note "covid-19" in the comments section. Thank you! #covid19 #emergencyreponse #siapartners #givedirectly #ubantu

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