Malawi Small Business Fund in Five Photos

Five photos from our visit with Small Business Fund families in Manyamula Village, Malawi in July. For more about the Small Business Fund, read the FAQs here. Rev. Issac started his photography business in 2007. He has reinvested his profit to purchase speakers and a TV screen so that he can provide slideshow and video services to his clients. On the wall of his house was a photo he took of me and Boyd during our visit in 2011! Rev. Issac has hired these two young men to form bricks for a new rental house. They will make about 15,000 bricks, which will be left to dry for 3 days in the sun. The bricks will then be burned to increase their strength. The men will earn about 1 cent per brick, or about $150 for the whole project. SIA is a job-creator in Manyamula. Love’s Bean Shop is the only one in the market that sells dried beans, which are a popular source of protein. Love is HIV+ and uses some of her business profit to travel to the nearest town to receive the treatments that keeps her healthy. Children at Nellie’s school recite colors and ABC drills for us. The school started in January with just 7 children and it has already grown to over 50 students! Nellie has hired 2 other aids to help her with caring for, feeding, and teaching the children. McDonald used his 2010 Small Business Fund grant to purchase a treadle water pump, which replaced an old watering can for irrigating his farm. One of his grandchildren had died just days before our visit and so we took time to pray with him after admiring his tomato, mustard greens, and squash crops. Read more stories about Spirit in Action in Malawi! #AfricaTrip2014 #Malawi #SmallBusinessFund

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