Let's Take a Peek in the Poultry House

As spring begins to spring in [some parts of] the U.S., I share a fitting story of baby chicks and the hope they can bring to a community. This week I received a package of amazing photos from the Manyamula Savings and Loans Group (MAVISALO) in Malawi. As you may remember, MAVISALO received a small SIA Community Grant to raise chickens and then use the combined profits from selling eggs and meat to provide small loans to group members. They now have their own micro-loan association! Since this community-based organization started in November 2010 with 350 chicks, they have built a sturdy shelter and worked together to care for the chickens. I was so moved when I saw the progress of their work and I want to take this space to let the pictures speak for themselves. This is Spirit in action! (Click on the photos here and again on the next page for a larger version.) Members work on building the new poultry house. Half way done with construction! Day-old chicks in the poultry house. Members of MAVISALO attending to their chicks. MAVISALO Chairperson Canaan Gondwe (center) with other members during construction. Secretary Matthews Mahowe is ready to fill troughs with water for 4-week old chickens. Treasurer Silvester Mkhoma counting the bags of chicken feed. Feed was one of the most expensive parts of their operation. Isn’t it amazing to see what can happen when people work together for a common goal? Now the group has made enough profit to begin to give loans to group members. I read a story this week about how climate change is affecting small farmers in India and I was appreciative of what MAVISALO can do for their community. When there is not enough rain or a small crop yield, MAVISALO helps people who need temporary capital for medical emergencies or food. One group at a time, Spirit in Action is supporting organizations that empower their members and make their lives more steady. #Chickens #LocalOrganizations #SIAGrants #Malawi #Empowerment

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