Happy Anniversary!

Can you believe it was FIVE years ago that I started my weekly Tuesday blog posts? Wow! I started the run on June 29, 2010 with a post titled The Gift of a Pig about Winkly Mahowe in Malawi who had received the gift of a sickly pig. He nursed and cared for the pig and when the pig had piglets, he graciously shared one with someone else in need; perfectly modeling our Sharing the Gift program. Last summer I visited Winkly and his family, celebrating his herd of pigs and the new house he has been able to build with the profit from his thriving piggery business. Since then I’ve written 238 blog posts with success stories, grant updates, photos from my trips to Africa, inspiration from Del Anderson, and my own reflections on our work and our world. Thanks for joining me on this journey! If there’s a story you wish I’d tell, let me know and I’ll see how I can make it work. Muddy feet after a walk to visit some rural Small Business Fund groups in Kenya. (SIA Coordinators Conference, 2011) Top 5 posts with the most comments: What’s it like in rural Malawi? (Sept 2011) Mud on the Road – Adventures during the SIA Coordinators Conference (Nov 2011) Top 7 Moments (& Photos) From CFOI Peru (Aug 2012) Talking the Talk: Claiming the Label of Christian (May 2012) I’ve seen how small groups can achieve great things (Jan 2013) Women in the guardian’s group with CIFORD Kenya. Top 10 tags: Small Business Fund (69) Malawi (65) Empowerment (63) Kenya (57) Inspiration (47) Del (44) Encouragement (38) Africa Trip 2014 (30) Local Organizations (29) Success Stories (27) #SIAOffice

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