Grant Update: Brick by brick, building a foundation

The 90,000 bricks have been made, fired, and transported to the building site, and the foundations are set! The Manyamula Community Savings and Investment Promotion Cooperative (MCC) office and training center is under construction! MCC members with the bricks they moulded for the construction. The bricks were fired to make them sturdier. These guest rooms will be the first accommodations for hire in the village. Now, guests have to travel 22km to get to the nearest hotel. The MCC now has 180 members (60% women) and they will be celebrating their 5th anniversary next month! The cooperative, which provides low interest loans, a safe place to save locally, and business advice has had a great impact on the members and the community at large. “We are pleased to inform SIA that the Malawian government has brought countless visitors to appreciate the home grown models and systems of the cooperative,” reports Canaan. People outside the community are excited about what they see developing in Manyamula, and they want to learn from Canaan and the skilled MCC leaders. Plans for the building complex. The cooperative mobilized their own resources and time to get the rocks and sand and to make the 90,000 bricks. A SIA Community Grant will help buy the roofing, windows, doors, and pay some of the contractors. It’s so exciting to see the project on its way! I’ll keep you updated as I get more reports from Canaan. One of the workers building up the office wall. More about MCC: “A partner who has walked with us side by side” The rental market in Malawi (includes photos of brick making) Rock on, Emmanuel! (MCC member success story) Mbwenu, Innovator (MCC member success story) Note on my desk to remember to pray for the building process! #LocalOrganizations #Malawi #MAVISALO #SIAGrants

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