Being Grateful for What We Do

Tanya shows off a basket and hat woven by one of the Small Business Fund groups. I’m grateful for the generosity of our grant partners! In the U.S. this is a week to reflect on and say out loud what we are grateful for. Recently, a friend asked me to list the three reasons I’ve chosen this work, and this organization. The three points express well my thankfulness for Spirit in Action: 1. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with how much need there is in the world, how many people still live in sub-standard conditions without a clear way to improve their lives. Working with SIA, I feel that we are reaching out to people and directly influencing them to make lasting positive change in their lives. 2. SIA is an organization that really empowers people, working together with them as partners, listening to their needs and ideas, and being flexible enough to respond to what we learn and adapt programs to local situations and local knowledge. 3. SIA acknowledges and celebrates the dignity of each person. We never portray people as helpless or without possibility. We see potential in each person. I feel so good about that and I am proud of this approach. Also check out some Thanksgiving table graces that pray for the world. Fikire Chime (Malawi) takes her donuts to market 3 days a week. I’m grateful for her dedication to her business! #Gratitude #Inspiration

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